Meet the Team

Chronic Pain Coaching CIC was born to serve those in the local community struggling with pain.

Julie Widdecombe BSc(Hons), PGCE, DipHe, PGCert Clin St.

Founding and Executive Director

Pain Coach

Quality Improvements Panel Member, Health Innovation SouthWest

Member of the Trauma Informed Plymouth Network

Julie is a former Science teacher, Operating Department Practitioner and was studying a Postgraduate Masters in Physician Associate studies when her disabling pain from a spinal cord injury stopped her career. She has been paralysed twice and in a wheelchair before multiple spinal operations which gave her back some mobility. She remains partially paralysed, in chronic pain and with fibromyalgia but after adopting pain management techniques, she has learned to dial the pain levels down. She currently takes no medication after previously taking many types and nowadays uses exercise (swimming and yoga) for mental and physical wellbeing. Julie has set up and run the initial pain cafes in the Plymouth area.

Sean Jennings

Executive Director

Resident Fellow at the Institute of Social Prescribing

Personalised Care Ambassador

Quality Improvements Panel Member, Health Innovation SouthWest

Member of College of Medicine and Integrated care

Sean is a former mechanical engineer. When he was 32 he had what he thought was a routine hernia operation. Unfortunately from that day he has been experiencing chronic pain and was prescribed ever increasing numbers of opioids, gabapentin and antidepressants for the next 25 years. He has been medication free for 5 years due to mindfulness and distraction techniques along with exercise/movement to manage the pain. He has used the last 5 years to tell his story to clinicians and patients advocating #skillsnotpills. In conjunction with ImagineIf! Sean has been working within Cornwall to establish pain cafes there.

Libby Huddy

Non-Executive Director

Social Prescriber and Community Support Worker

Cornwall Pain Cafe Co-ordinator

Libby joined the team, bringing with her the experiences from the Cornwall pain cafes.

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